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Buddha (Dan Mills)

You Never Know The Impact You Will Have

I recently met a young man whose mother came to the station to pick up a prize she won on 95.3 The Legend. He told me he was in 2nd grade and had been held back a year in school. His mother later told me he had been ill and was receiving treatment at Riley’s Children’s Hospital. That explained the school situation. I showed how the radio station operates and the studio from where I broadcast. I made his voice sound very high pitched like Mickey Mouse. He laughed. On the way out the door he told his mom, “That was fun”. I am no hero but for one moment I gave a boy some joy as he deals with a life-threatening illness. Think how we all could have a positive influence on other lives in small ways. So the next time you meet someone you have never met do something nice and you might make their day a little better.