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Great Toby Keith Stories

Toby Keith was affectionately known as Big Dog Daddy, so you know he's gonna have some cool stories from his past.  Well ever since his death, people keep sharing their favorite Toby Keith memories, and this man lived a very full life.


Here are the highlights:


1.  At a concert in Kentucky in 2009, a drunk fan flipped Toby the bird and threw his beer at him.  So, Toby jumped off the stage, fought his way through the crowd, berated the fan and then got him thrown out.  How many modern country stars would have just called for security instead?


2.  In 2010 in Iraq, in one of Toby's many USO tours, indirect fire started coming into the base while he was doing his set.  Everyone got down to take cover from the rockets . . . but those explosions didn't deter Toby.  He got back on stage and famously said into the mic, "Hey Al Qaeda, you missed."


3.  In 2022, at his first show back from his cancer diagnosis during his song, "Courtesy of the Red White and Blue", he fired up the crowd by saying, "Never apologize for being patriotic. [Eff] 'em."


4.  Did you know Toby Keith was responsible for signing the one and only Taylor Swift to her first record deal?  Pretty wild.  (You can read all about it, here.)