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Toby Keith Announces New Album, 'Peso in My Pocket'

Toby Keith is back! 

He's been slowly rolling out new songs, “Old School” and “Happy Birthday America” over the last few weeks, and now he’s got more news to share!

Toby just announced the release of his new album, Peso in My Pocket due out October. 15, and we have the pandemic to thank for it.

The country singer spent much of that time holed up in his house in Mexico.

“It was like being on the moon. A lot of my friends down there were afraid they wouldn’t be let back into the U.S., so they all went home,” Toby remembers. By himself, with no touring engagements on the books, he decided to get to work on some solo songwriting.

As a result, four of the 10 songs on Peso in My Pocket were written by Toby alone. Among them are “She’s Drinkin’ Again,” “Thunderbird” and “Happy Birthday America,” as well as the title track. Toby also has a co-write with rocker Sammy Hagar.

The 10 song album will also feature a cover of John Prine’s “Take a Look at My Heart.”


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